The Boomer PRO

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The average weight of a Boomer is 494g (17.4oz). Due to a number of factors such as: wood density, relative humidity and type of finish used the weight may vary by as much as 150g (5.3oz).


We weigh each Boomer and then weight match pairs to ensure consistency in sets.  Customers do sometimes ask for specific weights and we will always fulfil these request. Ladies and kids will sometime look to a lower weight of around 380g-450g (13oz-16oz).

As a rule the better the player the heavier the Boomer.  While it does requires more strength and skill to wield this Boomer PRO the results are exponentially better. Offensive (attacking) shots are significantly more powerful, dynamic and follow a flatter trajectory. The key to a great offensive shot is footwork, bat preparation and balance. Defensive play using a Boomer PRO is also improved due to the bats greater density (weight) there is a larger sweet spot allowing for the easy defensive chip shot.


The Boomer PRO weighs between 515g-565g (18oz-19.5oz)

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