How to Play Beach Bats

Posted by Richard 17/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

Basic tips on how to play beach bats


  • Your Boomer is your friend and give it a good handshake! (that’s the grip to keep).

  • Keep your Boomer pointing up, don’t let the head point at the sand.

  • When you are starting out keeping your elbow close to your body it just makes it easier

  • To start with don’t try smash the ball - give it a firm chip and the Boomer will do most of the work.

  • Keep your wrist still/firm, this will ensure the face of the Boomer will be in the correct position which is perpendicular to the ground.

  • In beach bats, like most sports foot work is key - getting into a position where you are balanced and not reaching for the ball or playing the ball too close to your body is key.

  • Watch the ball, watch the ball all the way onto the face of the Boomer.

  • Practice, practice and practice some more

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