Boomer Bats

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Boomer Bats - The Game

BOOMERS are handmade down at the very tip of Africa, in the incredible city of Cape Town. We’re a pretty competitive lot down here, so weren’t content with just the casual to-and-fro of bats on the beach.

Instead, we found a way to raise the stakes. Introducing... Boomer Bats.

Here’s how it works:

Stand about 8 meters (25 feet) apart.

Each player draws a line in the sand.

Play starts by either player hitting the ball to the other player. The ball must be hit three times before a point may be earned. If the ball drops to the sand before three shots, the point is restarted.

1. If Player A hits the ball short of B’s line, wide or over B’s head and making a good attempt Player B cannot reach the ball, the point goes to B.

2. If Player A hits the ball and the ball either hits B directly OR ricochets off B’s bat onto B’s body: A gets two points.

3. Players must always try their best to get the ball – even if it means crossing their line.

A Boomer Bats match consists of 5 games.

A single game is won when a player gets 11 points, which must be 2 points ahead of the opponent. So if the score is 10 all, the winning score would be 12 – 10. There are no tie-breakers in Boomer Bats.

The first player to win 3 games wins the match.

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